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Terneuzen door de ogen van Internationale studenten

Studenten van de opleiding Tourism Management van de HZ in Vlissingen kregen de opdracht om een marketingplan te schrijven voor bedrijven in de toeristische sector. Twee groepen van de opleiding kozen Terneuzen als opdrachtgever. Wij gaven hen de opdracht om een marketingplan te schrijven om jongeren (meer) te binden aan Terneuzen.

Tourism Management is een Engelse opleiding, dus er zaten naast Nederlandse studenten ook internationale studenten in de groepen. Ter voorbereiding brachten de studenten een bezoek aan Terneuzen en kwamen ze ook langs bij ons op kantoor om wat meer over de stad te komen. Aan het eind van het traject werden wij uitgenodigd om naar hun presentatie te komen kijken en luisteren. De studenten kwamen met leuke en verfrissende ideeën over het binden van jongeren aan de stad.

Internationale studenten Beatrice uit Bulgarije en Kito uit Italië hebben een stukje geschreven over hun eerste indruk van Terneuzen en hun toekomstvisie voor de stad n.a.v. hun onderzoek:

Kito Leonardi: “Terneuzen, beautiful city. My first time there was a couple of months ago. As I got off the bus, I immediately got an amazing vibe by just walking around the town. A lot of green areas, parks and it seemed to me to be really neat. I loved it.

I recently read about an article on how Utrecht turned its city’s Bus Stations in to bumble bee pollination stations. I just found it genius. Honestly. These stations function as bases for bees to pick up pollen and take it back to their hives. In the process they will hop from flower to flower, fertilizing them and creating a gorgeous view as the flower sprout and bloom in spring time. The bee-friendly bus stops could serve multiple purposes at once such as store rain water, generate electricity.

In my opinion this could also be applied in Terneuzen on bus stops and roofs. It could turn out to be revolutionary, more over it makes sense as the only way to the town on public transport is by bus.  For those citizens who believe that bees are a very important species for the whole ecosystem can also install their personal bee-friendly area. They are crucial for the survival of many animals and plants as much as our survival.

This would also be a father step for Terneuzen to achieve its goal in attracting young people. It would allow the city in the long run to build a positive reputation worldwide. Perhaps more environmentally conscious students and youth in general would want to relocate there. This is the generation that should be most concerned about their future. A future where pollution, land over use, human caused environmental disasters are going to be the daily routine. Personally, I would love to live in a city that strives to be eco-sustainable reducing the impact of human waste on this beautiful planet.

The trend of Sustainability in recent years has picked up a lot of attention and is going to be more severe in a couple of decades as the World’s population grows faster and faster. When I was working with my group on the Terneuzen Citymarketing project I did a lot research on the city, I learnt things I never knew about the town. I enjoyed reading about sustainable projects of all sorts, that were successful in Netherlands as much as the a deeper understanding of the dutch culture.”

Beatrice Krasteva: “My role at the project was to be the chairman of the group. My role wasn’t very easy, but at the end I felt well when I saw the result. My role was hard because I need to make the communication with the people, to be sure what everyone is doing to upload everything on time.

To be honest to make a marketing plan is really difficult, you have to have a lot of knowledge and to have a lot of achievable ideas. I am happy that at the end we did it and I enjoyed working on this project. The most difficult part of the project was the 4P marketing mix, because we have to give new ideas which can be achieved and also to think about the concept for young people.”